Sometimes "cheating" is not a bad thing

Daniel Rowell takes his Optibike to work. The Baltimore Sun has a nice story detailing his “unique” mode of transportation. 

 "The purists don't like it," he said. "They think you're cheating. I tell them I'm not in a race."

This is common remark heard by an e-bike cyclist. It is unfortunate that many people see any sort of bicycle as a device used for racing. Most will be put off by the price tag of an electric bicycle. However when you consider the positive benefits of exercise, the reduction of energy cost, and the light load on the environment, the car is soon exposed as the bigger cheater. 


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DIY linear motor wheel could become the world's lightest e-bike configuration  

Psychokopf from Germany posted a series of videos which show what appears to be a linear motor being used for e-bike application. A series of coils attached to the fork attract magnets attached to the rim of the front wheel. 

The videos show the detail of the setup, a static spin test and another where someone is riding around. The power is approximately 50W. Other videos of powerful DIY motors appear on Psychokopf's YouTube page. 


Static Spin Test

Short Ride


Excellent review of the Pedego Classic Cruiser

Pete Prebus of Posted a nice video review of an orange Pedego Classic Cruiser which retails for $1,975 and available directly from webpage.

Links: , , @EBikePete


The Aerobic Cruiser recumbent e-bike featured on local news

Memphis investor hopes his recumbent-styled e-bike cruiser will catch on with local residents. After four years and "several million dollars" of investment, Charles McVean and his team of a dozen or so have created the Aerobic Cruiser.
The bikes range in price from $2000 for the Commuter model up to $5000 for the Deluxe version which can achieve 20 mph (32km/h) for 75-100 miles (120-160km) range per charge. Memphis will be a test market with plans to expand nationwide. 



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2010 Interbike Mobile Social Group Ride Video


Interbike Hill Climb Challenge Report

Hanebrink all-terrain e-bike wins the Interbike LEVA Hill Climb Challenge. The event, held for the first time in 2010, was intended to be a fun race between e-bikes and pedal powered bicycles. The course was a short one-third mile uphill run up to Bootleg Canyon.  

The “stock” Hanebrink gained a significant advantage over the other e-bikes because of its 2000W Crystalyte 5-series motor and its huge gearing which allowed the rider to pedal at high speeds. The pedal cyclist finished second, trailing by 1 second. 

Video and Pictures of the event

Links: LEVA Association , Fortune Hanebrink , Interbike


Pictures of the Event: 



More details about the Copenhagen Wheel

The Copenhagen Wheel is in the final prototyping phase and will go on sale in about 12 months. The cost is targeted for about $600 which is slightly lower than a decent lithium e-bike kit. 

The advantage of the Copenhagen Wheel is that there are no “messy” wires to deal with. All of the electronics are housed inside the wheel and controlled wirelessly via smartphone. A torque sensor measures the pedal effort and assists the rider when needed. 

New details include: 

  • The wheel has an average run time of 5 hours with medium assistance level and 70kg rider.
  • There will be 700c / 26" shipping versions. Alternatively, it can be re-spoked to any sized wheel. 
  • The controlling software will not be limited to the iPhone, but will also include Android platform. 
  • A stanalone control unit is also in the works. 
  • Batteries are normally charged by regeneration, but will also have the ability to be removed and charged through a wall socket. 
  • There is a “exercise” mode where the rider has the option to put more effort than is necessary to move the bicycle, the extra energy is stored in the battery pack. 
  • The final prototype will be about 4-5kg (9-11 pounds). 






Urban Arrow: Taking the “Car” out of Cargo

Wytze van Mansum, designer of the Cannondale Dutchess concept bike, creates the Urban Arrow, a modern take on the bakfiets cargo-style bicycle.

Van Mansum’s design goes one step beyond the BULLITT bakfiets with the addition of electric assistance. This combination could “essentially replace a car” for most trips. 

The Urban Arrow prototype was nominated for an Eurobike 2010 Award and is on display at the entrance to the show.

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Great e-bike Coverage of Bike Expo 2010 from 

Daniel Fikuart from Aktiv Radfahren gets the latest news from the floor of BikeExpo 2010. There are many new European e-bike models hitting the market for 2011. Nearly all of the major bicycle manufactures have a line of electric-assist bicycles.

The speed of e-bike acceptance is much higher in Europe than in North America. Europeans tend to use bicycles as a means of transport, while in North America bicycles are typically used for recreation. Electric-assistance is often seen as "defeating the purpose" of riding a bicycle in car-centric United States.  

Videos are in German Language. Presented by

TransX Folding bicycle with electric assist


 Bulls Neuheiten 2011

 Peugeot 2011

 Panther eBikes 2011

 Hercules eVersa 2011

 Hercules eOne 2011


Kettler Layana 2011


 KTM ebikes 2011


 Kalkhoff Highlights 2011

 Shimano Steps

 Ultra Motor A2B 


Sixt car rental now offers e-bikes

Sixt, one of Europe's largest car rental companies debuts a trial e-bike rental program. The promotion, in cooperation with E-Motion Technologies has on offer three different e-bike models from € 6/hour to € 18/day (8 hours). 

The 90 day "Bike with Horsepower" program is available at two locations: 


The Coventry Telegraph with a nice e-bike review

Yes, electric bikes will make you consider moving further away to increase your commute time...

Quote from

(read more)


Interesting E-bike Chopper concept from Voltage Cycles (video)

A promising e-bike prototype is featured on Honolulu. Marty Schlesinger formed Voltage Cycles and created the ElectrickBas classic-look cruiser with electric assist. 

The e-bike is based on the Basman 346 and has similar styling to the Marrs Cycles Electric Beach Cruiser

 (See full video on

Specs indicate 48V, 10Ah Lithium battery pack with a 600W brushless geared motor and 35-50A. The single-speed ElectrickBas can peak out at 30mph (48km/h) with a range of 20 to 34 miles (32-54km).

The base model will sell for about $2,000 with production planned to start in September. 

Additional links with more information: , Voltage Cycles , ,



Promotional Video from Voltage Cycles

Voltage Cycles - Electrick Bas Sport from Marty Schlesinger on Vimeo.


Jay Leno tries out the "Black Trail" electric bicycle

Jay Leno takes a ride on the Black Trail electric bicycle. This extreme e-bike looks as if it was designed by angry F1 engineers. Performance figures are incredible with claimed 100 km/h (62mph) top speed and 160–200km (99-124mi) cruising range using only a 48V/17Ah "leather" battery pack. The battery pack is the same weight of of the entire rest of the bicycle. 

With a limited production run of 667, the Black Trail's price tag goes well beyond the even the most well-appointed Optibike model. If the €59,500.00 ($76,000) price tag puts you off, you can upgrade your wheels to the Black Trail's to carbon fiber hoops for only €11,900.00 ($15,200). 

Links: Leno's Big Dog Garage , PG- Bikes , Black TrailOptibike , Twitter: @PG_Bikes

Additional Video: 


Homemade electric bicycle achieves 66 mph!

DoctorBass posted a video of his customized electric bicycle hitting 66mph (106km/h) on level ground. Stock electric bicycles max out around 20mph (32km/h). The self-reported speed was acheived using a 100V/15Ah battery pack and a 150A controller. Skip forward 30 seconds to see the bike speed by. 


Electric bikes making Tremendous gains at BIke Expo 2010  

The increased focus on urban mobility at Bike Expo 2010 has put E-bikes in the spotlight. E-bikes or Pedelecs as they are know in Europe, have made tremendous progress as traffic congestion and concerns about the environment become pressing issues.  


VW ditches the spare tire for a folding E-bike 

Emerging from the obligatory disco lights and dancing models is Volkswagon's Bik.e electric bike concept. The device can fold into the size of the spare tire for easy storage. Charging inside the car, the bike has a range of 20km (12.4 miles) and tops out at 20km/h (12.4 mph)

Unfortunately, without working pedals, the bicycle would be classified as a scooter and will need licensing and insurance under the current European regulation.
The exclusion of pedals, chain and transmission gave the designers freedom to make the bicycle more compact and with a lower center of mass.
The Bik.e folding mechanism is similar to the IF Mode with two single-sided wheel supports set on opposite sides. When folded, the space between the wheels is minimized creating a very compact storage dimension.



Volkswagen has a strong presence in China being the largest foreign car maker in the country. With a nation of over 100 million e-bicycle cyclist, many of them aspiring car-owners, the Beijing auto show is the perfect venue to show off the concept.
Other manufactures have displayed e-bike designs. Lexus has an e-bike concept that has been making the car show rounds. Ducati Motorcycles has put into production a pedal assist electric bicycle.
Automobile manufactures are eager to show that they are concerned with energy sustainability while consumers are growing more conscious of the automobile's environmental impact. An electric bike for shorter trips coupled with an automobile could be an interesting model worth further consideration.